The Story


What I wear is a relationship all on its own. It’s a living, visual representation of the different stages of my intersecting identities. Like a relationship, style can evolve and change along with the individual. And with that, a look has the ability to protect a memory, a moment, or a choice I’ve made.

As a first generation college student, Queer, Brother, Son, and Filipino American, I’ve found that my narrative is directly reflected in what I wear. My everyday looks convey my desire for a genderless fashion industry; for a time where it’s no longer brave to look a little “different” than what we are conditioned to believe is appropriate; a liberated understanding of the struggles I continue to face; the moments I celebrate. They say you don’t always remember what you wore. But I do, because what I wear isn’t ever just a statement, it’s a narrative choice. It’s my story, told through style. And who can forget a powerful story?

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