Bring Back the Fashion Blogger.

Photo Jan 16, 10 31 06 AM

I feel like I’m endlessly window shopping. My feed is over saturated with beautiful men and women who’ve made it big in a profession that really only started to exist a few years ago. Who knew that snapping photographs of your shoes or your “morning read” and notifying the world of your day to day life or attire could land you a career of your dreams? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against living the life of your dreams, but if there’s one thing that matters most, it’s that bloggers should never forget.

And then sometimes, they forget.

They forgot about that day when they wore a gorgeously fitted caramel turtleneck that received all sorts of compliments, but all they could do was laugh a little inside after every compliment because the turtleneck was a total cover up for a ridiculous hickey the night before. Or when they wore that over-sized white long-sleeve corduroy button up they found in their dad’s closet because it was the first official day out in college in “adult-land” and a piece of their dad felt like home all over again. Or the reason why places like Ross or Marshalls, which are where many people who belong to a socioeconomic group like myself can afford to shop when I was growing up, were actually “special” rare bonding moments spent with their mother who works 60+ hours a week to put food on the table.

                They forget about the “why.”

And I for one, love the why. Sometimes the why can be painful, but the why is the reason. The reason why we blog in the first place, is because we found something to say. For years I’ve mulled over this decision, but I finally realized that style is how I convey my heart. What I wear is a relationship all on its own.

And no, it’s not a statement, it’s a way of life. My life.


I found what it is that I would like to share on my journey. A journey I hope to begin with all of you.

So many of the fashion bloggers I see now, blog because it can be lucrative, and it’s all becoming the same thing to me. Yeah that’s cute, “like.” Oh she’s pretty, “like.” Great he’s sponsored, “like.” And then the feed becomes convoluted with forced promotions and ad placements hidden in every picture. I forgot that every outfit, every decision made before I leave in the morning matters in so many beautiful ways.

So if you’re here for a good read, a dose of style, and pinch of humanity, I am the spirit animal for you.

I’m bringing back that Fashion Blogger. The one that blogs because he loves denim, human connections, and stories…lots of stories. (this involves you, of course). And it all starts, with being brave.


Miguel Raphael, XO.

| Photography: Daniel Joseph Anciete

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