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The X O |

So for my first XO Series Feature, the theme was “Something Uncomfortable.” Isabel, a fellow style spirit animal, and I got to talking about where we wanted our new venture to lead towards, and we realized that this entire “blogger” journey is at its heart,


All we really know is that our here and now, involves a beautiful journey with each other and ourselves.

And that’s why I wore white. To me wearing white out in the middle of Davis’ Arboretum is symbolic of the current stage of my journey. It represents my want to remain integral to who I am, surrounded by a world full of complete unknown. Sometimes I feel like a complete fish (because I’m a Pisces) out of water.

Photo Mar 13, 7 03 10 PM

But see, this unknown isn’t by any means quiet, it’s actually quite noisy. It’s so easy to end up losing your voice in all the noise….this is something I learned out here in Davis, that forgetting who you are because of what you’re surrounded by, can leave you feeling emptier than you could ever think to feel. When I decided to pick out an outfit that kept with the “Uncomfortable to Wear” theme, I chose white because to me it’s the most vulnerable color. The minute you spill the sauce from your pasta dinner on your brand new white jeans, your flaws are exposed. In fact, white outlines your body and highlights it, which means if you’re uncomfortable with your body, you’re uncomfortable with white. So people tend to shy away. But in my eyes, White is Brave.

Photo Mar 13, 7 00 56 PM

And remember, that you are too. So, drown out that noise friends.

The L O O K |

I also wanted to showcase the beauty of an all-white outfit, partnering a traditional fit white, long-sleeve button up with fitting pin-striped shorts (which in my opinion is a style staple for any style lover’s closet) I like to cuff up my shorts because my legs are a little awkward looking, so the tighter around the knee, the better! (Sigh). Now because I decided to wear pin-striped, I already have a standout signature addition to my look, so as far as accessorizing goes I decided to keep it simple. Caramel Toned, thin belt partnered with Ankle Heeled Boat Shoes, (which I consider my dressiest casual pair of shoes) completed the look.

And of course, a necklace, because why not.

P.S. I’ll make a lot of Denim References because I lived in Levi’s for the longest time. 3 years, baby.

IMG_3239H E A D to T O E |

Long Sleeve Western Button Up. White. LEVI’s.

Thin, Silver Toned Belt. Caramel. Aldo.

Pin Striped 511 Shorts. White/Navy. LEVI’s.

Ankle Boots. Light Tan. Aldo.

Necklace, a present from the most beautiful grandmother in the world.


Miguel Raphael, XO 

| Photography: Genie Obina | XO Series Collaborator: Isabel Bagsik

3 thoughts on “Noise.

  1. I wore a similar white button-up my first day in Accounting Services with RCC today and felt the same sense of discomfort you describe. I almost felt like I was being a little too bold wearing a white collared shirt with people in the office who had more seniority and rank than myself. (Lol, I had to pair the button up with pointed toed heels to help me with a little confidence boost.) This entry left me feeling so empowered and happy with my choice.
    With love, Abby

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abby,
      First off thanks for sharing your story for all the readers out here, who I’m sure can resonate with what you’ve brought up! I know I mentioned the bravery behind white, and it is definitely easier said than done! It’s awesome you made the conscious effort to negate the idea of color being used as a power/authority combo, and more as an empowerment tool. It’s inspiring and it makes me feel better wearing white, knowing we are wearing white together. I love the pointed shoes by the way. That’s how I feel about my pointed toe boots! It’s a mini confidence booster and a stylish one at that!
      Miguel Raphael.


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