Photo Jan 16, 10 11 40 AM
I’ll Smile and Say “I’m Good.”
The X O |

Figuring out what to write next has been difficult. You know when life just comes at you like this huge gust of wind? At first you think you’ve got this and you buckle down, anxiously awaiting the moment it hits, thinking you’re absolutely ready to come out looking like you did before it comes…and the next thing you know, your hats flying off, your hair becomes a monster, your other belongings fly backwards and you play the game of “chase it all before it disappears into the abyss.” You realize the wind got to you, that it a c t u a l l y got to you.

And that’s what life’s done to me recently. Its sudden decision to send a strong gust of wind my way overwhelmed me, and the next thing I knew I was caught in a tornado, my everything spinning back and forth, just waiting for the calm, hoping it exists. You know that moment, that one moment where everything is uncertain? It’s happening.

And then I went back to this. This was the very first concept shoot for my blog, and is part of an ongoing project with Daniel “DJ” Anciete, titled Color. Color is such a simple sounding word. But I’ve found to appreciate how even in its simplicity, you find an entire spectrum of possibilities…depending on, well, you.

Photo Jan 16, 10 07 50 AM

If there’s anything in the world that’s true, it’s the beauty of the uncertain spectrum. How we see different colors and its ability to represent different parts of our life. How the color blue doesn’t always have to mean sadness, it could be your little sister’s favorite color, it could be the color of choice at your best friend’s wedding, or the color chosen to launch an important activist campaign.

 At some point your tornado is coming and it can hit any part of your spectrum. It can change the colors currently in your life, adding new ones or blowing away other hues, heck it can even move you to a different place on the spectrum… Can you control it? Unfortunately, no.

but the outlook…your outlook…that’s something you have at your disposal.

Right now, my life is at a point where one end of the spectrum is brimming with life and the other end was struck with a powerful gust of wind. It reminds me of the wall we shot behind. A blend of this beautiful bright yellow and lifeless white. The gust of wind came, and now I’m lost in my own spectrum.

But I realized, that’s okay. The spectrum is beginning to change, and so am I.

The L O O K|

I wanted to embrace the idea of color and how I see this project advancing on an endless spectrum of combinations and possibilities. The baby blue blazer was a major steal at H&M, and I love how I can dress it up or dress it down. I paired it with one of my favorite tees from Abercrombie & Fitch with the words, “Buckle Up, Buttercup.” I love tees with text that I can relate to. (I’m ready for you my tornado).

I decided to cuff up my Khaki Levi’s to partner it with my white ASOS Sneakers (which I got on sale for $9.00), to create a comfy and casual easy to wear look. I am typically a neutrals type of guy, so buying a baby blue blazer was a big step in embracing the spectrum for me.

Photo Jan 16, 10 00 00 AM

Now in one version I am wearing a baby pink beanie, in part due to my obsession with the color pink, (yes everyone, color should not be gendered), and also because I thought it would be fun to see how the pink, blue, and yellow play in the same photo. It was me embracing the wall behind me to the fullest, even if it wasn’t going to actually work out in the shot. And that’s okay too. It’s okay when life and all its colors don’t make sense at times. Sometimes it’s through that mess that you find the beauty in the specks of color you’re surrounded by.

Photo Jan 16, 10 28 45 AM
My Warrior Weapon.

So just like in the first shoot, today as I sat in my room feeling like I’m ready to fall apart, just eagerly awaiting the tornado to end, I grabbed my bottle of glitter.

Sprinkled it in my hand and wished hard as I sprinkled it all over me. And then I blew it into the air, imagining I was throwing it into the turbulence this tornado has me captured in. It left me with shimmering specks running through my skin, and that was when I remembered how much of a warrior I am.

Don’t let the uncertainty of the tornado, destroy the beauty of the spectrum. Your spectrum.

Photo Jan 16, 10 04 49 AMH E A D to T O E |

Blazer. Baby Blue. H&M.

Beanie. Powder Pink. Forever 21

Buckle Up, Buttercup Tee. White. Abercrombie & Fitch.

Khaki Demi Curve’s. LEVIS.

Rustic Belt with Gold Buckle. LEVIS

Sneakers. White. H&M.


Miguel Raphael, XO 

| Photography: Daniel Anciete | XO Series Collaborator: Daniel Anciete

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