Renewed Fire

My “Oh I dropped a pen on the floor” Look.
The X O |

Sometimes our lives just spontaneously combust. It releases a series of “fires” that can happen at any given time, and any given moment.

This specific piece that Daniel, “DJ,” and I are collaborating on for our XO Series journey embodies that idea completely. We had an entirely different concept, look, and location set for this day. Now just imagine every possible detour that can happen in a series of 24 hours (so I’m exaggerating just a tad, but really just a tad!)…and let’s just say it all went south on me on the day of the shoot. When I finally got to Daniel, the location no longer made sense due to time constraints (ahem, 20 minutes of shoot time left), and the outfit I had in mind no longer felt right to wear. I know from my previous entry, I dove into the overwhelming and unexpected ride life has me on these past few months, and the one thing I am realizing now, is to not let this ride “throw” me off.

                There was a moment where Daniel and I just looked at each other, I was clutching a pile of possible top options and he was holding the straps of his camera, uncertain if we should even attempt this. And in a split second, we did.

Sometimes, when the fire combusts, you have to just run right through it.

  So it all changed. In a moment, everything we planned went out the window, and yet the product of our spontaneous adventure was more than either of us expected or imagined. DSC_0107

We both walked away from the experience feeling a newfound spark, one that ignited even further during our Leadership Retreat out in Lake Tahoe, Nevada for the weekend. This weekend in itself was spontaneous for me. But deciding to go and immersing myself with beautiful leaders who are students like me looking to elevate the Filipino-American Community in Davis reignited my spark and affirmed my current place in this journey. All because I took a chance and ran right through.

I let spontaneity take over for a moment, and allowed for the combustion to take me. My heart just said, “go.” And I did. With hesitation, yes. With regrets,


Roll Up.
Roll Up.
The L O O K |

What I wore reflects the current phase of my life. A mixture of old and new in a current state of “transition period.” The only new pieces from the outfit purchased this year is the Topman puritan hat and ASOS tribal ring. Every other piece I’ve had for two years. but what’s striking to me, is that from these pieces I found a way to wear it like I’ve never worn it before. I’m moving into a place of experimenting with my look. Allowing for the style to evolve on its own. Little things like cuffing up the pants just a touch higher to show skin between my shoes and jeans, to wearing my LEVIS high on the waist like its meant to be, no longer afraid of what people may say about a male wearing high waisted jeans. (It should only ALWAYS be about fitting well, not what gender its “marketed” towards!). Completing the look with a braided belt for a “vintage” feel, and my go to pair of pointed-toe boots. I decided to wear these high-rise distressed LEVIS boyfriend skinnies with a white mesh Armani long-sleeve. This Armani piece is one of my favorites, as it can easily be worn on a classy night out or on a simple stroll through campus. It allows for breathing due to the mesh component as well.  A side note: My high rise skinnies are one of my FAVORITE pairs. Ever. My motto when it comes to ripped jeans is simple, if you want ripped, BUY RIPPED. The idea of buying a distressed pair of jeans that only has one tiny patch of  “rip” drives me crazy.


Those nuances have shown me how much my own style has changed alongside me, and the realization of my style evolution didn’t occur till that “spontaneous combustion” hit, forcing me to trust my choices (both in fashion and in life) through believing in myself,

Trusting this gut of mine.

It’s funny because there’s this quote, about how you can be standing in the exact same place for a year and although it doesn’t look like you moved, when you reflect you realize how much you’ve actually changed, even being in that exact spot. That’s how I feel about my style. How I’ve kept and utilized so many pieces over and over again, not even realizing I’m reinventing myself in the process.

This look highlights that reinvention.

It brings my evolutionary style period forward.

And it celebrates what can come out of embracing life’s combustion.

              Renewing myself by dancing in the fire.

DSC_0095H E A D to T O E |

Puritan Hat. Almond. Topman.

Long Sleeve Mesh. White. Armani Exchange

Tribal Print Ring. Silver. ASOS

High Rise, Distressed Skinny Jeans. Washed Denim. LEVIS.

Braided Belt. Dark Brown. LEVIS

Pointed-Toe Boots. Brown. ALDO.

Cassette Necklace Leather Strap. Brown. Philippine Market.


Miguel Raphael XO.

Collaborator & Photographer | Daniel Anciete

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