The Candid becomes the Shot.
When Bliss and XO Collide.
The X O|

I know we all experience what I call the “5 second closet rule,” where we reach for what we intended to wear for the day, give it five seconds of thought, and then we quickly place it back into the closet opting for the safer route (because those 5 seconds of thought were really 5 seconds of, “quick lets list as many things wrong with this look as we can now before it’s too late” type of thinking). Now don’t get me wrong, I have those days where what I pictured in my mind didn’t quite translate to what I saw once I visually paired items together, but the problem is this “5 second closet rule” is happening a little too much for the wrong reason!

I tend to shame myself deliberately until that little spark of confidence runs away until the next day when the urge to try something different comes again. I don’t play the 5 second closet rule because I’m spewing out truth, I play it to avoid the chance of being ridiculed or hurt by what I decide to wear. The ridicule can take the shape of many forms, from careless side whispering to unapproving eyes that decide they want it known that they disapprove of what I’m wearing. I often get this, because I believe clothing is genderless and I choose to wear pieces that don’t fit into the male norms.

I think it’s time to be a little more “Unapologetic.” Why? Because frankly, I don’t owe anyone an apology for wearing what liberates me, and neither do you. See, Unapologetic is a powerful word. And this look is powerful for me in 3 (which is my favorite number) ways:

IMG_6967 (2)
Neck Cramps.
  1. Black all year round.

I’ve been afraid of black forever. It was only very recently, say a month or two ago that my obsession with black began. It began when I purchased my second leather jacket from Urban Outfitters (Cheers to finding one that fits, and NOTE: Found it in the Women’s Section!). My transition into black began with focusing on a softer color palette. At first, I started to rely heavily on neutrals, cream and gray only specifically to round out my daily looks because I was always scared I could never do black right.

But who’s to say how to do black right? Here’s my response to the personal shame I give myself for thinking I can’t, when in truth, we ALL can. Checking that nonsense off my list of fears. Oh and moving forward, black is no longer a seasonal thing in my book (meaning wearing it all year woo!).

X O ADVICE: When people say “(insert any hue here) isn’t my color,” it’s a myth. There’s a way to wear the color with the proper pairing of color combinations, you just can’t quit the minute you try one unsuccessful look. Keep at experimenting!
  1. Conquering one of my too many D.I.Y. dream projects.

I’ve always wanted to distress my own pair of denim jeans. (I own about 15 or so pairs, ahem). Lately I’ve been to many different stores to find that jeans priced at $60 dollars a pop have one little tear on the knee, and this qualifies as “distressed.” In my opinion, if you’re going to buy a pair of tattered denim jeans you might as well purchase one that is distinctly distressed and worth the pricey purchase. Since I’m a college student on a budget, I decided to try my hand at distressing a pair of black denim jeans I’ve had for years and this was the turnout. Not too shabby!

IMG_7144 (2)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
X O ADVICE: When in doubt, Youtube! I was really happy that I was able to select where I was going to place the rips rather than making do with whatever the department stores had, and I’d like to thank my friend Amy Yu, for introducing me to JairWoo (if you ever read this, I am beyond grateful for your feed) a YouTuber who made my DIY life easy to execute and fun to complete! (Writing about this in a different segment to come!).
  1. Unapologetically Patterned, Thrifted, and Me.

The Unapologetic Chest.
The Unapologetic Chest.

I put these pieces together because I wanted an edgy, experimental representation of my closet. I had recently purchased an olive tone, paisley-patterned winged long sleeve at Thrifttown in Sacramento, (for only 3.99) as part of my march to more pattern movement. Yay to closet diversity. I’ve begun to explore and embrace an eclectic array of patterns away from stripes and solids which before this summer, use to fill up the majority of my closet.

X O Advice: The paisley long sleeve is the type of top that needs to be tried on and deliberated! I was hesitant picking it up but changed my mind after talking to myself about how much I loved it in the dressing room. (I promise I’m really cool in person!).

The beautiful thing about style is that it allows for options. Just because a look isn’t what you may typically wear on the daily, it doesn’t mean it makes it any less you when you do decide to bring out that different side of you. And what a gift it is to get to play with all kinds of looks that are different extensions of you, whether it’s your current mood, new obsessions, or just because you wanted to. Style is a choice, your own unapologetic choice.

Much like an opinion, at the end of the day it is your version of your look over anyone else’s. When I say your version, I mean how you felt about what you wore. I felt so liberated and in true simplest form, happy wearing this piece, and the only person that can ever stop me from feeling both of those things when it comes to what I choose to wear, is me.

IMG_6782 (2)

So because I love music and 1989, Taylor Swift sang about “haters gonna hate,” and although none of us can ever control the endless “trolls,” I’m going to be less of a hater to myself and make my world a better place.


H E A D to T O E |

My Rockstar Moment.
My Rockstar Moment.

Leather Biker Jacket. Our Neighborhood. Urban Outfitters.

Paisley Print Wing Tipped Long Sleeve. Olive. Thrift-Town.

Demi-Curve Skinny Jeans. Black. Levis. (Distressed by Me).

Pilgim Boots. Black. Steve Madden.


Miguel Raphael  X O

Exciting new projects coming to the blog this month. Share and Subcribe! Please don’t let go, as I’m just finding my voice and fully embracing this and all of you. 

Photographer & Collaborator | Isabel Bagsik

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