X O Diaries: “7.13.15”

As They Lay. 

I sat as they lay wilting.

5 sunflowers on a park bench.

The color of the stems took a pale brown, with tips of yellow nestled in the crippled remains of what once were vibrant petals,

And I imagined it must’ve been difficult.


To let go of something that once was so vivid and so special

And I imagined they were meant for someone

Someone so breathtaking and painful,

Who had enough courage

To let it wither away on a park bench

Waiting for the moment

For someone as captive to romance as I,

To find the pain all over again.

7.13.15, Truly |X O.

Photo Jul 13, 7 28 06 PM (2)

IMG_6980 (2)

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