On a special edition of the XO Series, I’m bringing up the word “Wanderlust,” a term used to describe a strong and innate desire to roam or travel into my blog for positive energy. In about 24 hours after this piece is published, I’ll be embarking on a 26 day journey in Bali, Indonesia. With stops in Jakarta, Singapore, and an extended trip into the Philippines making the entire trip around a month’s worth of exploration. I will be documenting my journey on this blog, and I am beyond excited to share my adventure with each and every one of you.

IMG_7913 (2)

                Today my message is simple.

Feed your own definition of wanderlust. As your own journey and destination are unique to the book you’re creating for you.

A Wanderlust Essentials Kit includes:

  1. Traveling Within (A Heart Map).

When exploring, don’t forget to include your heart as a destination.

  1. Bringing a Flashlight.

Not a real one (at least not in my experience), what I mean by this is a positive outlook. Keep your heart full of happiness. It’s the most powerful armor we have against anything that can hurt us.

IMG_8012 (2)
Side Eye the Negativity
  1. Feel it All and Be Intentional.

Absorb it all both good and bad. Embrace every moment, even if these moments aren’t according to plan because you only live the same life once (cliché but honest to goodness true!)

  1. A Wish Guide

I make one yearly, with a list of things I’d like to accomplish within the year. I keep it close to remind me how important my wishes are, and how I believe that I can make wishes happen for myself, even if it takes a little patience and love. (Bringing it to Bali, of course).

IMG_7883 (2) IMG_7907 (2)

  1. A Secret Weapon

Mine has always been a bottle of glitter. I keep a bottle of Martha Stewart Glitter in any bag I take with me. I use the bottle every time I make a mark in a new place. (A theatre where a performance was just held, a trail I’ve never hiked). It gives me a sense of confidence and comfort, after I blow a wish I feel empowered.

  1. An Outfit that brings out the happy in Y O U.

My look in this shoot taken in Old Town Sacramento, (a place ripped from time), is meant to represent my current place in life, a mixture of timeless pieces and a colorful outlook.

This essentials kit sounds silly but for me its powerful, and it holds most importantly, a mantra I thought I lost.

Treat yourself how you would want to be treated by others. Yes its reverse whats been taught forever, but it means something. It isn’t bad to put others needs over yours, but never forget to give yourself the love and happiness you deserve, don’t compromise this because there’s nothing more powerful in this world, than a

heart filled with love and strength.

You’d impact more lives with a happy heart. Make it a priority and the rest will follow.

Does anyone have a destination they want to get to in the next five years? I’d love to hear your plans, (and yes, dreams count in my eyes) in the comments below.

IMG_7917 (2)
Inner Happiness is a Must.

H E A D to T O E |


Aviator Sunglasses. Sunnies.

Patterned Button Up. Navy. Thrifttown.

High-Waisted Shorts. Maroon. TOPMAN.

Suede Boat Shoes. Off-White. Cole Haan.

See you all from Bali Soon,

Miguel Raphael X O.

Photographer & Collaborator | Isabel Bagsik

Be Brave.
Be Brave.

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