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This blog post is simpler than my other ones, and I think it reflects the current state of stillness I am in.

I’ve come to a point of difficult progress. My life is in a constant state of unlearning, learning anew, and building my foundations for the leap forward.

I think when you sense an internal transition, it’s the hardest in the world to admit and acknowledge, especially if the change has to do with something personal to you. (Whether that’s an attitude, a habit, or a lifestyle). You know that feeling when you realize things need to change to attribute to your overall happiness? (Raising my hand as this is where I’m at).

The power of transition though, is that it can bring much needed change. A reinvention of some sorts. This 2016, I don’t have a magic list, I have a living list.

One that is allowed to grow, allowed to adapt, and embraces unfamiliarity. As much as I am a firm believer in fate, this year taught me that the amount of effort you put into anything can 95% of the time produce results you would expect based on your effort. (the other 5%, is in my opinion, the magic of when life takes over and things go beyond your control).  


So here’s the first point (and most likely not the last) on my living list:


  • Embracing the newness within.

Denim and White Denim. One I have alot of history with, while the other I am just getting to know. This sounds alot like how I see myself now. Parts of me I am comfortably familiar with, and other parts are still so foreign. My one want this year, is to allow myself the opportunity to explore new identities of mine. My transition from identifying with Gay to Queer, or from a Student Worker to just a Full Time Employee. Also, going from always being silent/ keeping the peace to standing up for what I believe in and values in various spaces as of late.

IMG_8449 (2)

I am seeing the change, day by day. Finally applying what I learned during my trip away into my life as well. It’s hard progress, but a needed transition.

If you had a living list, what would it look like?

Warmest Everythings,

Miguel Raphael |XO

XO | About the Look

Look 1: Denim on Denim  IMG_8583

Denim Trucker Jacket, LEVIS

Denim Western Shirt, LEVIS

Stonewashed Denim, LEVIS

Pointed Boots, ALDO

Vintage Watch, FOSSIL











Look 2: Neutral Norm

IMG_8467 (2)

Gray Long-Cut Tanktop – Urban Outfitters

White Denim – Banana Republic

Rings – ASOS

Pointed Boots – ALDO

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