The Power of Twinning.

The XO | 

A little note to start,

Oh how I’ve missed writing. Is it weird that the outlet I need for release is the one I constantly choose to suppress. I don’t know if many of y’all experience this with any passion of yours, but sometimes I push writing aside because I don’t think it’s as important as my schoolwork or actual work. And then I realize, it’s more than just important. 

It’s my world away from the world.

I’m not necessarily escaping reality, it’s more like I’m able to process and perceive things with much more depth if I give myself time to “write it all out.”

I’m going to be honest in saying finding the drive is a constant struggle.

But good news, this time I won’t let myself spiral down. For the first time in a long time, when I say I’m worth it, I actually believe it. 


If there is anything consistent in this world, it’s the constant changes in everything and everyone that’s around us. It’s easier to recognize all these external changes, and it’s easier to see what has changed around you. It’s much more of a challenge to see how you’ve changed. You can only hope to see, because unless you think about everything you do and how maybe a choice you made recently, whether subtle or monumental was a decision you’d make in the “you” of last year, you wouldn’t really quite know what the difference in you may actually be.

That’s why I think who you surround yourself with matters. Because they then become your “mirrors.” Someone who sees you, and if they are the kind of people you deserve to be around, can help you see pieces of yourself that you may not always consciously see.


Twinning is an outward projection of an inner feeling of happiness you share with a special/special individuals. No it’s not dumb or hip and the word “cute” is a surface level adjective to describe how powerful twinning can actually be.

There’s a sense of strength, when you consciously decide to wear the same color, or embody the same prints in a day. Sure its picture friendly, but it brings a camaraderie between people as well. Having a common goal, or a commonality in general unites people. This journey at Davis has allowed me to encounter so many beautiful souls that have “mirrored” me in different points of my life, whether it’s a struggle I’m going through, or a moment I’m living in, people have entered my book in chapters that I needed a “parallel,” or an outside view of an inside situation. Through these people, specifically individuals I try and align with, I confide and forge bonds that have become authentic and long lasting.   This is tough for me, because I am a secret introvert and I burn out at social events all the time to where I’ll need the next day to not see anyone, but right now its important we make connections. We thrive better with a support system.


So keep twinning not just figuratively, but holistically. Keep asking your friends to wear flannel together, or rock the same color and pattern and on that same note, find those individuals that resonate with your heart, or challenge and comfort your spirit at the same time. It’s not only fun, it’s empowering. 

When Isabel, DJ, Elleanor and I blog, we try to come up with themes or words that spark a certain inspiration in us at the given moment. We then use this “corkboard” of sorts to bring our ideas and sparks together. It not only brings us together, but we create something beautiful in the process.  

Are there ways that you know someone resonates with your own personal energy? Let me know, I’d love to swap ideas on how to strengthen this inner tool we have.

Love Always,

Miguel Raphael | XO

Unconventional Bliss | Isabel Bagsik, photographer

Elleanor Pangilinan | Photographer


The Look |

Pilgrim Cut with Black Band – Topman

White Long Sleeve – Zara

Textured Charcoal Cardigan – Urban Outfitters

Black Denim – Levis

Ankle Boots in Suede – Aldo


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