The Wandering Mind

What Happens Next | Mind

I’m an early bird. 5:30 am and I’m up. Sometimes, some of my most insightful conversations are the 5:30 am talks that I have with myself out in the loft of my apartment. Albeit silent, incredibly therapeutic. Especially now I’ve noticed my 5:30 am talks becoming an everyday conversation, sometimes even twice in a span of 24 hours.

How many of you have come to any type of crossroad in your life? People say this happens one or twice when you turn quarters of a century older, but I believe the opposite. Often times I find myself at many crossroads. Sometimes I am able to bridge two roads together, doing all that I love at once. Other times, the crossroads lead to one path, and I see this as a focused road. One wherein lies growth.

Right now my mind is at a crossroads. Its been a little under a month since I’ve graduated and my mind hasn’t stopped laying out all the possible scenarios of my next five years, playing like a presentation in my head. 

First generation college student? Check.

Social anxiety? Check.

Avid worry wart? Check.

But Strength through all of this? Absolutely. 

As much as my mind is at wits end, I find comfort in knowing that there is strength in acknowledging that it’s okay not to know what happens next. At least, not just yet.
Letting my mind wander. Letting it learn. Letting the uncomfortable settle. This is the beginning of a powerful project with Daniel, #whathappensnext where we explore post graduation and what it looks like for souls like ours, and hopefully you’ll find purpose in our words and visual stories.

Head to Toe |

White Henley | Urban Outfitters

Leggings | Old Navy

Corduroy Collared Long Sleeve | Levis

Beige Knit Socks | ASOS

Rings | Forever 21

Collaborator | Daniel Joseph Aniciete

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