Dress Up in my room.

Our bodies house more knowledge than we believe them to possess.


Hi there. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to put in words what I’ve been feeling and experiencing. 8 months to be exact. Couldn’t quite figure out what type of stories I wanted to tell and in what form. As much as I’d like to say I’m a conventional fashion blogger, I’m honestly not. I’d love to be the one that gives advice on “closet basics” and write “where to shop” pieces-But that’s not how I see fashion representing me, and frankly not inspired by that approach. Maybe someday when it feels genuine enough. But right now I have stories to unpack and style to empower with. And I’d like to unpack and empower with you. 

Fashion is intricate. It’s intricacy is layered in our lived experiences, wants, fears, and aspirations. How we use it is affected by the environment we are in, the people/icons/media we follow, and our internal mirrors.
I think about how much of spending hours in my room, escaping from the world by trying on all types of clothing, saved my life. How in that escape, I discovered the world not how it was, but how I wanted to see it.
Unbounded. Liberating. Expressive.
Over the next few months I will be writing in both poetry and diary form. Laced with my creative vision, much like how I would play dress-up in my room, what I am wearing and the environment I am in will tie my words together to complete the visual experience.
My hope is that through this unraveling and revisiting of significant moments of my lived experiences through style and story, I can one day use this platform to share the stories of others. The narratives we bury because the world has forced us to believe it isn’t possible to heal from it, and with it.  So if my approach resonates with you, let’s tell your story.
A series of love letters to my queer heart.
Which, in my case, begins with the story of the recognizing a toxic cycle. 
Interpret as you will. Share if it resonates. 


I used to wish I belonged to another body.

Loveless Lovers.
Are one too common,
In this narrative of mine.
Loveless Lovers.
Are prone to Damaged Goods.
Loveless Lovers and Damaged Goods.
Go hand in hand.
You limit me.
You refuse to understand me.
Yet here I am.
Wanting to live for you. 
Miguel Raphael.


ASOS | DIY Denim (Distressed Thighs) | Giorgio Brutini |
Damaged Goods.

Creative Collaborator: Nico Garibay 

Styled By: Yours Truly. 



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